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// Who we are looking for

If you are outgoing, people-oriented and optimistic, the azpro Recruiter and HR Assistant position is for you! Do your co-workers and bosses normally say you are results driven, organized and detail-oriented? We value a no gossip environment so if talking about your bestie behind their back is your favorite past-time-we may not be the place for you. Understanding the importance of maintaining professionalism when needed is necessary but who doesn’t like to have a little fun now and then?  We all have that little voice inside us that speaks to us, does yours always tell you to be honest and have emotional intelligence-if so we want them to keep talking to you, if not they are telling you right now to choose the next job posting. We are fast paced, and your work will be extremely beneficial to our growth and a sense of urgency is required. Are you thick-skinned and competitive but looking to have an appropriate sense of humor and fun personality at the same time?  If so then this is definitely the position for you!

Now that you know what we are looking for, take look below and see if we are what you are looking for!

// Who We Are

What our team members say about azpro:

azpro cares about our growth

We feel like we are part of a family!

It is a great environment

We never feel left out of the process

What we say matters to the company

Everyone is on the same page

We have direct access to leadership


// Responsibilities based on Accountabilities

  1. Review and analyze resumes using our in-house ATS software program
  2. Scour job search websites for potential recruits and contact those candidates personally
  3. Interview potential team members using industry-standard techniques
  4. Build applicant funnel through researching & contacting resources
  5. Determine applicant qualifications for positions
  6. Arrange candidate interviews
  7. Evaluate applicants through their qualifications & job requirement
  8. Help with filing, and scanning
  9. Assist Human Resources in the day-to-day operations
  10. Ensure all time off is added to the vacation calendar and make adjustments as needed.
  11. Keep team member census and vacation calendar up to date including vacation time, birthdays and anniversaries.
  12. Request all Worker’s Compensation Certificates and Certificates of Liability Insurance. Work with appropriate party to ensure all info is correct and what is needed.
  13. Order and maintain company apparel for all team members.

// Specifications


A minimum of one year of full-cycle recruiting

Familiarity with active recruiting, including career fairs, job boards, and social media outlets

Experience reviewing resumes

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

Clear understanding of interviewing laws

Experience maintaining confidentiality with sensitive information

Microsoft Office Proficiency


Ability to work a flexible schedule based on candidate availability

Experience with candidate fact-finding

Experience working with pre-employment assessments

// Team Leader

Human Resources





This job is available at the following location(s):

  • Avondale, AZ